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Public Art

Energy Park Stained Glass As the development of this public green space evolved, public art was keenly was sought after. Each work of art is designed to promote the theme of sustainability. As a result, visitors are delighted to experience park art by Massachusetts artists including: Gregory Curci's Solar Train Sculpture and Wind Sculpture; Christine Diani's Custom-made Ceramic Identification Tiles for Arboretum & Gardens; Katie Winship's ceramic tiles the colors of the rainbow installed on the renovated staircase to Bank Row; Deb Nicholson's stained-glass window designed as a sunburst; and Al Dray's original ink rendering of this site as it would have appeared in 1835.

We commissioned Gregory Curci, Winthrop, MA sculptor, to design, build, and install a 15-foot folk art sculpture with three whirligigs that turn solely by wind energy. Next to this artwork is an interpretive sign entitled "Wind Power Today." The Massachusetts Cultural Council and Yankee Candle Company, Inc., S. Deerfield made this display possible.

Energy Park Tile in Garden NESEA produced a 44-page book just for children to promote tree education called, Totally Tree-Mendous Activities: Projects to Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Trees, written by environmental educator Sarah Hollister and beautifully illustrated by Anna Dewdney which is for sale through NESEA for $4.00 plus shipping. Call 413-774-6051 to order your copy. It is great for schools, scout troops, camps, or any one who works with children grades 2-7.