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Energy Park Station The Greenfield Energy Park was constructed at the site of the former town train station. Therefore, information about the railroad and its impact on this region is a focal point of several park transportation exhibits. It is open during events and by request.

Energy Park Caboose The City of Greenfield and NESEA found an original 1944 New Haven caboose in good condition, but it needed a lot of "elbow grease." With much community support (financially and hands-on help), renovations were completed and the museum opened May 2001. Visitors find an excellent example of the workspace inside an active caboose as it would have looked in the mid-1940's. Many original features are showcased in one-half of the caboose including: a pot-bellied stove, the fusee & torpedo box, a large oil can used at the station, and the brakeman's desk. The other half is a gallery of vintage photos, models, and ephemera. The display includes four signaling lanterns as well as the original gaslight that hung from the 1881 Greenfield Train Station! High up in the cupola, a uniformed brakeman sits watching the world go by as he checks for problems on the rails.

Energy Park Big Daddy Caboose The museum is sited within the confines of the Park and features a permanent exhibit: "Transportation Innovations: Changing our Communities and Changing our Lives." The Massachusetts Foundation provided funding through a grant award for the Humanities and private donors. The Caboose is open Mon.-Fri. 9:00-5:00 Spring-Fall. Also, by appointment or by chance.