Parker T. Bear

Meet our Department Mascot

Parker T. Bear, Recreation Department Mascot We are proud to introduce Parker T. Bear, Travel and Tour Director for the Greenfield Recreation Department. Parker was born January 31, 2010 at the Build A Bear Workshop in Massachusetts. Parker was born to work in the Field of Recreation.

He began his new position February 1st 2010. We are very excited to have him join our team.Parkers responsibilities require him to accompany families on their vacations to ensure a wonderful experience. He will bring along his own equipment including; a journal to document your family vacation, as well as a complete wardrobe.

Check out Parker’s Photo Album on the Recreation Facebook Page, along with his journal and where he’s been so far.

Parkers hobbies include Hiking, Fishing, Playing Sports, Kayaking, and Long Naps. Some of his Favorites are: TV Channel - Animal Planet, Movie - Brother Bear, Sports Team - The Boston Red Sox, Food - Honey Nut Cheerios and his idol Smokey Bear.

If you are interested in having Parker accompany you on your next family vacation please call our office at 772-1553 to see when he is available. Parker can also be scheduled for your family vacation by emailing him direct at Parker stated "I am looking forward to traveling with and getting to know the many families of Greenfield, I can Bearly wait".